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What is Jadango?

A merchant processing company focused on out-of-the-box industries that have specific needs for electronic payment acceptance. We specialize in exceptional markets like CBD, MMJ, online sports betting, etc.

Why Jadango?

Simply put, we got tired of seeing processing companies take advantage of exceptional markets/business types because they had been deemed “high risk” and charging those companies an exorbitant amount of fees and high processing percentages.

Who is Jadango?

A collaboration of like minded professionals that understand the merchant processing world and bring 137 years of combined knowledge to the industry. We currently serve over 5000 merchants nationwide and continue to grow and expand daily.

What makes us different?

We put our customer FIRST in every step of the process. You and your business is not a type of business to us or a certain stigma. We focus on YOU and your specific needs to deliver a product that is unmatched.

Where is Jadango?

Our main office is located in Indiana with 13 affiliate offices across the country. We currently serve customers in every state including the US territories!

How we do it?

We are not motivated by money. We are not motivated by revenue. We are motivated by offering an excellent product that allows our customers to grow within their market effectively. We take the best of what processing companies have to offer, weed out the bad and costly, and deliver a superior product.

We will not be beat in cost, percentages or service!!!!



By now, everyone knows about the US Bank relationship. What they dont necessarily know is that despite the US Bank relationship, companies out there that use this relstionship are still paying HIGH fees and percentages. Don’t think that this is okay just because you can finally get a merchant account. Don’t let a company treat you and your business different!

We crush the standard 2.75% rate they are advertising!!!


Close looped credit card system allows your dispensary to accept DEBIT AND CREDIT cards from your customers!


Online payment facilitators with custom integrated payment gateways can handle your accounts!